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Xcode 8 beta 6 was released with what looks like near final versions of Swift 3.0 and SwiftPM. Based on the past years, the beta released one month before the GM iOS release is the last one. And so far, all the rumours point to mid-September iOS 10.0 GM release. Today Preview 6 for Linux also became available.

Max Desiatov

An Introduction to Vapor at Apple

A presentation by Tanner Nelson and Logan Wright at the Apple Campus about Vapor framework. This talk starts with nice introduction to Vapor and has an overview of different modules and sample code that covers basics of working with different protocols, ORM usage, JSON (de)serialisation and server setup.

Zero-cost futures in Rust

Of all the languages, I consider Rust the closest to Swift in terms of syntax and overall area of applications. Well, even Chris Lattner mentions Rust as the second in the list of inspirations for Swift (just after Objective-C). Now is an interesting inflection point, as Rust transitions from old green threads implementation to the new futures library, while Swift is going to consider better support for asynchronous code in the current Swift 4/5 development timeframe. I think, learning from evolution of Rust is very useful in this perspective, and that’s why I highly recommend checking out this article by Aaron Turon.

Why we Moved From Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud Platform?

In the stats published by The Macro recently, of the YC companies that use hosting providers, 55% use AWS, 13% use Cloudflare and 6% use Rackspace. Interestingly enough, GCP is not mentioned at all. I myself used AWS for a while now and started considering and exploring GCP quite recently. Overall, I agree with most points of the article by Michael Lugassy, and so far GCP seems to be slightly less confusing in overall product structure, and its console has much better UX. Obviously, this doesn’t mean you have to migrate yourself, but this article is great in giving better understanding of what’s available on the market.

Swift on the Server – Where Are We Today?

A quite comprehensive write-up by Edward Jiang about most popular server-side Swift frameworks. It also contains sample code for each of the frameworks, so that you can get basic understanding of what feels like to use those.

NoSQL Databases: a Survey and Decision Guidance

A must read article from Felix Gessert on NoSQL databases. The article doesn’t compare specific implementations, but attempts to classify some of the different flavours. It also provides a nice overview of consistency-availability trade-offs and how these are most commonly resolved.

Benchmarks for a number of Swift JSON Frameworks

A comparison of JSON libraries performance by Ethan Jackwitz.

Book Recommendations for the Infrastructure Engineer

A list by Paul Stack:

This is a repo that lists the books I got recommended since moving more into the operations / infrastructure world. It lists the titles that relate to Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Operations and Systems Thinking



Turnstile is a security framework for Swift inspired by Apache Shiro. It’s used to manage the currently executing user account in your application, whether iOS app or backend web application.


An example Slack Bot application built with Vapor in Swift.


Swift APNS client built by wrapping libcurl’s easy interface.


The Ultimate Trolley Problem 😈

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