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Swift Package Manager 3.0 Project Status

A post by Daniel Dunbar:

Since release, we have seen a rapid explosion in the package ecosystem with brand new Swift-based web frameworks (like Kitura, Perfect, Vapor, and Zewo), tooling and infrastructure (like the IBM Package Catalog and swiftenv), or simply adoption by existing popular Swift frameworks (like Alamofire, SnapKit, SwiftJSON, and RxSwift).

We wanted to lay out our plans for the package manager with regard to the upcoming Swift 3.0 release, some project status, and a bit about our future directions…

Swift Snapshots on Linux Now Contain Dispatch

This is the commit that merges the build option to Foundation master. In other Foundation-related news NSURLSession was also merged recently.

The Perfect web framework community is now on Slack

In addition to Qutheory, Zewo and SwiftPM Slack teams, Perfect have got one as well.

Do’s and Don’ts of AWS Lambda

An article by TJ Holowaychuk about his experience with AWS Lambda. In my opinion, a lot of the points from the article are easily applicable to other serverless cloud services in general. In related news Paulo Faria has recently got Swift running on AWS Lambda using, unsurprisingly, Apex by TJ Holowaychuk.

Swift for Visual Studio Code

This plugin for Visual Studio Code by Ryan Lovelett supports completion lists, symbol resolution and potentially much more in the future. SourceKitten is a dependency, so no native Linux support for now, but you can track a corresponding SourceKitten PR.

Dependencies of Your SwiftPM Packages as a Service

Honza Dvorsky has published a service that can build a dependencies graph of any SwiftPM package. There is a variety of possible output formats and renderings, and it provides a simple web interface.

How AI and Machine Learning Work at Apple

An in-depth article about Apple’s AI/ML cloud & services initiatives. Some of those services have substantial machine learning-related computations running on client devices, but obviously server-side is more interesting to us. 😉 When will be Siri rewritten in Swift? 🤔



A lightweight MQTT 3.1.1 client written in pure Swift 3 from IBM Swift team.


Natural Language Processing toolkit for Swift. Unfortunately, this is marked as “will not be updated”. There are plenty of useful algorithms implemented in the repository, so I hope that someone in Swift community will pick up ownership of the code.


A weather server based on Vapor


Slimane is an express inspired web framework for Swift that works on macOS and Ubuntu.
• 100% Asynchronous
• Unopinionated and Minimalist
• Adopts Open Swift


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