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Xcode 8 GM was published yesterday, but unfortunately, there are still no updates on What’s even more interesting, swift-3.0-branch had commits added just 5 hours before this text was written. There is no communication from Apple on this matter whatsoever, which is frustrating in my opinion. Let’s hope that future Swift releases will have a transparent roadmap that is not tied to phone releases in any way.

Max Desiatov

The Ultimate List of Swift 3.0 Changes

There is no doubt that Swift 3.0 is a huge release. In Xcode 8 release notes Apple provided the most comprehensive list of changes coming in the new version. When compared to a similar list I’ve linked to in a previous issue, this one has practically everything listed with corresponding links to Swift Evolution proposals.

Understanding the New Swift 3 API Design Guidelines

Pasan Premaratne wrote about importance of API design looking at the major points from Apple’s API Design Guidelines. It also underlines the importance of clarity and conventions in API naming.

End to End Application Development in Swift

Slides from try! Swift NYC talk by Chris Bailey. This talk has an overview of the benefits of using Swift on servers and also contains a high-level description of the development process of an app backend.

Property-Based Testing with SwiftCheck

Yet another talk from try! Swift NYC by TJ Usiyan. It contains examples of SwiftCheck usage, which is able to generate test data for your unit-tests automatically, based on rules you define.

Rust’s Vision for 2017

A look at the evolution of Rust, which is quite similar to Swift, both in syntax and use cases on server side. Remarkably, this long term vision is more focused on the growth of the ecosystem than the pure syntax of the language.

Algorithms and Data Structures in Swift With Explanations

Algorithm implementations by community recently updated for Swift 3.


Leaf - An Extensible Templating Language Built for Vapor

Blitter - A Social Networking App Demo


A set of helper scripts for building and packaging Swift on Ubuntu Linux

Kitura Todo List Boilerplate

An example using the Kitura web framework and HTTP Server to develop a backend for a todo list organizer


I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords 🤖

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