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Finally Swift 3.0 builds for Ubuntu were released and are now available at The full release announcement is also available in the blog. The development of Swift 3.1 is full steam ahead and we have first Swift 3.1 evolution proposal approved and implemented. Interesting to see what else is coming in 3.1 🤔

Max Desiatov

Perfect 2.0 Has Arrived

A 2.0 release of this popular framework also compatible with Swift 3.0:

Perfect 2.0 includes many new features, such as support for new datasources (Redis, FileMaker) and file formats (XML, Zip), as well as significant performance and scalability enhancements.

Perfect 2.0 (Swift 3), DigitalOcean and Ubuntu

With great timing for Perfect 2.0 release Robert Bojor published a series of posts that cover basics of a Linux server setup, right from user creation to installation of MySQL, Swift compiler, git hooks, supervisord and nginx. And here are the links to the rest of the series:

Swift on ARM Slack Team

Swift on ARM Slack team by

Server-Side Swift Year-Long Conference

More than a meetup, this Server Side Swift group is a conference that takes place over a year. Instead of holding 8-10 talks a day over 3 days, we host conference-duration talks that feature the leading server-side Swift projects throughout the year. These talks are hosted in Newmarket, Ontario, but are broadcast on Google Hangouts Air and recorded for YouTube.

Server Side Swift - Why It’s Awesome and Why You Should Care

A talk by Jens Ravens from SwiftConf 2016. It starts with an overview of Swift on server and covers basics of HTTP and common architectural patterns used in server-side code.

The Basics of Web Application Security

A huge evolving publication by Cade Cairns and Daniel Somerfield covers topics that, in my opinion, every server-side application developer should know: form input validation, HTML output encoding and prevention of malicious code injections, SQL injections, encryption of data in transit, password storage, authentication and user sessions. Highly recommended.

Building Your First Web App in Swift Using Vapor

Yet another step-by-step guide covering basics of setting up and deploying a server-side Swift project. In this post Sahand Edrisian does it with Vapor and Heroku.

A Curated List of Awesome Server-Side Swift 3 projects.

A list inspired by awesome-ios and curated by Jonathan Guthrie.


Perfect-Notifications - iOS Push Notifications for Perfect

Kronos - Elegant NTP date library in Swift

Kronos is an NTP client library written in Swift. It supports sub-seconds precision and provides an stable monotonic clock that won’t be affected by clock changes.


Emoji Variable Names 🐶🐮

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