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This week we’ve seen even more Swift 3.x activity. That was Ubuntu 16.04 support, Swift 3.0.1 Preview 1 release and three new proposals in review: SE-141 for @available attribute for Swift version, SE-142 for associated types constraints and SE-143 for generics conditional conformances. Here are some other interesting tidbits: FreeBSD compatibility PR, SE-141 implementation PR, SwiftPM shell completion scripts, JSONSerialization and URLSession fixes in open-source Foundation.

Max Desiatov

mDevTalk: Swift Package Manager

A talk by Honza Dvorsky at mDevTalk about SwiftPM. It covers SwiftPM basics, platform and languages support, module structure, and shows an example of a SwiftPM module that is shared between a command-line tool and a server written in Swift.

Server-Side Swift Survey

A short survey started by Perfect about server-side Swift. As was confirmed on Perfect Slack, aggregated data will be published after the poll finishes and I personally look forward to seeing it as the poll has some pretty interesting questions, like framework usage for example.

IBM Kitura @ Server-Side Swift Year Long Conference

A live coding session by Robert Dickerson from IBM featuring Kitura at Server-Side Swift Year Long Conference.

Plugin and Runtime Library for Using Protobuf with Swift

It’s clear that JSON parsing libraries are so 2015 at this point and now it’s time for Protobuf parsers. Surprisingly enough, this one comes from Apple. I only wonder, how soon will we see Cap’n Proto libraries?

General Availability: IBM Bluemix Runtime for Swift

Great to see that IBM’s Bluemix fully supports Swift now! 🎉

When a developer deploys a Swift application to Bluemix Dedicated or Bluemix Local, the platform:

  • Provides access to a Linux container.
  • Loads the latest Swift binaries.
  • Issues a command to build your application by using the Swift Package Manager function.
  • Runs the application.

Swift 3.0 Unsafe World

An article by Roberto Perez about interacting with low-level C APIs.

Optimizing a Copy-on-write Double-ended Queue in Swift

Yet another article about low-level Swift code, this one by Matt Gallagher. In this post he implements a collection in Swift that supports copy-on-write and also compares its performance with C++ std::deque. The source code is also available on GitHub.

Token Authentication Now Available for Push Notifications

You can now take advantage of a simpler method of authentication by using tokens instead of certificates when sending push notifications. A token is easy to generate, doesn’t expire, and can be used to send notifications to all of your apps.

Swift Initializer Generator

Bouke Haarsma published an Xcode 8 Source Code Extension to generate Swift initializers:

This Xcode 8 Source Code Extension will generate a Swift initializer based on the lines you’ve selected. Handy if you made a struct public and now you have to provide the initializer implementation yourself.


Perfect Examples

An organization on GitHub grouping repositories with sample code that use Perfect.

Vapor’s Swift Wrapper for PostgreSQL 1.0 Release

Apple Push Notifications Service Library for Vapor

Emacs Support for Swift


You Don’t Want NASA to Announce Anything About Aliens 👽

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