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This week it’s hard not to mention ongoing things in macOS/iOS world, especially as they are related to developer tools. I personally use Dash almost every day and for me it’s a 5-star app, so accusations from Apple (with no evidence!) about review manipulations just don’t add up. The way Apple handles this doesn’t inspire me to create code for their hardware platforms. I’m happy that Swift is open-source and isn’t in full control of just one company anymore.

With regards to Swift compiler infrastructure this week we’ve got Swift 3.0.1 Preview 2, two evolution proposals accepted, a small language feature implemented for Swift 3.1 and finally an update on Swift 4.

Max Desiatov

Protocol Buffers in Your Kitura Apps

This article by Robert F. Dickerson covers a simple example of a Kitura app that uses swift-protobuf library. The finished code is available at GitHub.

“Building a Server-Side Swift API for Games” Workshop

A server-side Swift workshop! 🎉 It’s organised by Jonathan Guthrie from Perfect. You might be interested in this if you’re in Toronto on November 8th:

In this hands-on workshop, participants will build a back-end that:

  • Logs a player in
  • Stores individual and high scores
  • Delivers “in game news” items

Participants will also learn how to build your own Swift Package Module for code re-use.

Understanding Swift Evolution

A post by Jesse Squires about batch analysis of Swift evolution proposals. This is remarkable work that gives us a unique perspective on the work of the community through the last year. The code is available on GitHub.

Using MySQL with Swift 3.0 posted a guide on how to set up MySQL with Swift 3.0 and Vapor on Linux, including installation, database privileges and sample code.

Interview with IBM’s Chris Bailey about Kitura 1.0 and Bluemix Runtime for Swift 3

A short interview with Chris Bailey where he provides a retrospective of Swift 3.0 and Kitura development.

Three Questions About More “Dynamic” Swift

This email from Chris Lattner on swift-evolution mailing list sheds some light on “dynamic” features of Swift and even mentions Zewo’s reflection API.

Why I Believe GraphQL Will Come to Replace REST

A nice write-up about GraphQL by Martijn Walraven, who is also a developer of an GraphQL client library for iOS. I mostly agree with the main premise as there are better approaches than REST in many APIs. With regards to this Falcor from Netflix is also worth mentioning.


Formula: a Code Generator for Swift

Swift Implementation of JSON Web Token (JWT)

Fluent PostgreSQL Driver 1.0

A Demo of Vapor Authentication Powered by Turnstile

An Example URL Shortener System for Perfect


My New Hobby 😆

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