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Server-Side Swift with Vapor: Getting Started by Ray Wenderlich

A short tutorial video with a simple example using Vapor and hosted on Heroku.

Securing Kitura Part 2: Basic Authentication by Gelareh Taban

An overview of Kitura-Credentials middleware and example code for both basic and digest authentication.

Application Monitoring for Swift Backends, First Update by Max Desiatov

An update about my progress with dev tools for server-side Swift I’m currently building.

Type Erasers in Swift by Chris Eidhof

Ever seen Protocol can only be used as a generic constraint because it has Self or associated type requirements compiler error? This article covers a few ways to work around that.

Full-Stack Swift - Part 1 by Milan Stevanovic

A slightly more sophisticated example of an app using Vapor. The article covers both client and server code and communication is implemented with swift-protobuf. Code is available on GitHub.

Highlights from “Benchmarks for the Top SSS Frameworks vs. Node.js” Study by Ryan Collins

More details about the benchmarks I’ve covered in the previous issue.

IBM Cloud Tools for Swift - TodoList Tutorial

For developers interested in creating Swift applications that span both client and server-side code, IBM Cloud Tools for Swift simplifies the management and deployment of server-side assets.

4 Ways to Fail when Implementing a Microservice Architecture by Nic Jackson

A talk with a self-descriptive title at London Dev Community Meetup. Slides are also available.

How to Do XCTestCase tearDown Wrong (and Right) by Jon Reid

Quite important and interesting notes about XCTestCase lifecycle. Will definitely need to bear this in mind next time I use XCTest.

How to Create a Telegram Bot with Swift using Vapor by Fabrizio Brancati

This week is quite good for sample projects using Vapor 😀 You can see the source code for the bot on GitHub.


swiftecho: Example Project to Build & Run Swift on macOS & Linux with Basic C Interop by Alexis Gallagher

this little project illustrates a few things that I want to remember for cross-platform Swift development:

  • how to setup a Swift Package Manager project that compiles on macOS and Linux, using build directives to conditionally import Glibc vs Darwin.C

  • how to setup a Makefile so you can test building and running on macOS and Linux OS, from the comfort of your macOS command line thanks to Docker

  • basic interop between Swift and C-oriented system API, using getline to echo standard input

Swift on AWS Lambda by Alexis Gallagher

A Makefile, a Node.js shim and an example project in Swift that can be deployed to AWS Lambda.

Probably: A Swift probability and statistics library by Harlan Haskins

Probably is a set of Swift structures for computing the probability and cumulative distributions of different probablistic functions.

HeliumLogger: A Lightweight Swift Logging framework.


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