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Vapor: Configuring a Database by Ray Wenderlich

A new part of this great screencast series deals with setting up a PostgreSQL instance for use with Vapor. Part 3 covering model objects is coming soon.

Swift, Java, Node.js, or Ruby? The Advantage of Server-side Swift by Chris Bailey and Robert Dickerson

Video, slides and transcript from this try! Swift NYC session, which uses Blitter as an example application.

Deployment of a Swift Vapor App to the AWS EC2 Cloud by Sebastian Kreutzberger

An quick guide on how to deploy an app written in Vapor to AWS EC2 with Elastic Load Balancer.

“Learn to Make Swift Web Apps with Swift 3” Book by Paul Hudson

Pre-orders are available for this book about server-side Swift. It’s going to cover Kitura, CouchDB, MySQL, basics of JavaScript and much more.

Swiftpack - Server-Side Swift Package Catalog by Petr Pavlik

Swiftpack is a catalog of swift packages ready to be used for server-side Swift development.

Swift on CentOS by Brian Gesiak

Brian compiled Foundation on CentOS as well. In other news, he also published a blog about swift-llvm and swift-clang repositories where he uncovers reasons for these LLVM forks.

Swift Package Manager Version Pinning

This quite important proposal is in review now. Feel free to provide feedback on swift-evolution mailing list.

How to Read the Swift Standard Library Source by Ole Begemann

If you’re interested in playing with standard library source code, this is definitely something you would like to read first.


Hypertext: Any-way-you-want-it, Type-safe HTML in Swift by Sahand Nayebaziz Todo MVC TodoMVC is a simple Todo-Backend example implementation.

It uses the Connect and Redis modules.


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